Robert Holden

Partnership Role

James Vanhouse

West India merchant (Colonial - Caribbean)

No notes

Firm Notes

  1. Co-partnership between James Tyers, William Dunkley, Robert Holden, William Vanhouse and James Vanhouse of Little Eastcheap, West India brokers dissolved sp far as regards James Vanhouse, 22/1/1810

  2. A commission of bankruptcy was issued against the partnership of Robert Holden, William Vanhouse and William Alers Hankey of Mincing Lane in 1831.

  3. James Vanhouse & Co. (brokers) advertised auction of 50 casks of plantation coffee, 20 casks of Cuba coffee, 35 bags of Grenada cocoa, 150 bags of pimneto, 60 casks of Jamaica ginger, 50 boxes of WI arrowroot, and 5 casks of Bermuda arrowroot.

  4. Partnership  between James Vanhouse senior, James Vanhouse junior and John Marsh Vanhouse West and East India Brokers of Mincing Lane dissolved 1/11/1839 so far as regards John Marsh Vanhouse, carriied on by the two James Vanhouses.    

  5. Dissolution of partnership between James and John M. Vanhouse as colonial brokers 9 Mincing Lane May 2 1865

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