James Henry Houstoun

Partnership Role

Hon Wm Fraser, Alexander, Neilson & Co.
Name partner

West India merchant (Colonial - Caribbean)


Previously 'confidential clerk' to Simon Fraser of Ness Castle.

Firm Notes

  1. Notice is hereby given that Simon Fraser of King's Arms Yard in the City of London merchant hath retired from business in favour of his grandson the Honourable Simon Fraser and Mr James Henry Houstoun, who has for many years been confidential clerk and assistant to the said Simon Fraser...29/04/1808.

  2. Retirement of William Maxwell Alexander from firm of Honourable William Fraser, Alexander, Neilson and Co., business continues under Wm Fraser; Claud Neilson, Boyd Alexander, Hugh Hyndman 30th April 1836. 

  3. Boyd Alexander retires 30/6/1842, WF, CN, J[oseph] Simpson continue as Hon. William Fraser, Neilson and Co. 

  4. Partnership  of Claud Neilson and Joseph Simpson trading as the Honourable William Fraser, Neilson & Co. Dissolved 12/10/1859 [Joseph Simpson by mark!]

Firm Sources

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