Alderman William Beckford

Partnership Role

Beckford and Evans
Name partner

West India merchant (Colonial - Caribbean)

No notes

Firm Notes

A series of partnerships of Richard Beckford, shown by Perry Gauci as originating with William Beckford as Beckford, Collett & Evans at Nicholas Lane 1763-1767.

  1. Dissolution of partnership of Richard Beckford and David Evans of Nicholas Lane 19/12/1772

  2. Nicholas Lane 20/04/1773 the partnership lately subsisting under Beckford, Rosseter, Ballmer & Co. was on 30th Jan last dissolved. Rich Beckford; James Ballmer, Jacob van Wylick. The business will be carried on under Beckford and James. Richard Beckford and Rice James.

  3. Commencement of partnership of Richard Beckford and James Inglish Keighley as West India merchants at Nicholas Lane 24/06/1793

Firm Sources

Perry Gauci, William Beckford: First Prime Minister of the London Empire (2013) p. 262.

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