James Buchanan of G & R Dennistoun

Partnership Role

George & Robert Dennistoun & Co.

West India merchant (Colonial - Caribbean)

No notes

Firm Notes

  1. Glasgow 12/4/1817: Notice is given that as a consequence of his death, Robert Dennistoun's interest in the firm of George and Robert Dennistoun & Co., ceased 30th April last. Signed John Campbell quartus, Colin Campbell, Ann P Dennistoun, James Dennistoun (all trustees of the late Robert Dennistoun);  Richard Dennistoun; Colin M'Lachlan; Colin Thomson (by his attorney C. M'Lachlan); James Buchanan.

  2. The firm of George & Robert Dennistoun & Co. became insolvent in 1826.    

Firm Sources

  1. London Gazette 17247 3/5/1817 p. 1067

  2. Patrick Shaw et al., Cases Decided in the Court of Session between 23/11/1834 and 30/09/1835 Vol.XIII, May 29 1835 Buchanan v Dennistoun, pp. 841 et seq.