Sir Richard Neave 1st Bart.

Partnership Role

Rich. & Thos. Neave
Senior partner

West India merchant (Colonial - Caribbean)

No notes

Firm Notes

Continuation of Truman, Neave (q.v.) and of Neave & Willett.

  1. NOTICE is hereby given, that the Partnership heretofore subsisting between us the undersigned Sheffield 'Henry Morier Neave, Campbell Archibald Robertson, and Edward Strangways Neave, as Merchants at Dash wood House, No. 9, New Broad-street, in the city of London, under the style or firm of JR. and T. Neave, has been dissolved by mutual consent, as.and from the 31st day of December, 1882, so far as concerns the said Campbell Archibald Robertson, who ceases to be a member of the said firm; and that the said business will henceforth be carried on by the said Sheffield Henry Morier Neave and Edward Strangways Neave, under the style or firm of R. and T. Neave, who will receive and pay all debts owing to and from the late firm.'—As witness our hands this 26th day of February, 1883.

S. H. M. Neave.

Campbell A. Robertson.

Edward S. Neave  

  1. Partnership between Sheffield Henry Morier Neave, Edward Strangways Neave and Arthur Morier Lee as West India merchants at 9 New Broad Street dissolved as far as concerns Sheffield Henry Morier Neave, who retires 19/08/1885, continued by the other two as R & T Neave.

  2. Dissolution of partnership bewtween Edward Strangways Neave and Arthur Morier Lee as West India merchants at Dashwood House 9 New Broad Street under R and T Neave 28/6/1889.

  3. Dissolution of the firm of Lee, Crerar & Co of 9 Fenchucrch Avenue (Arthur Morier Lee and Alexander Crerar), to continue as A.M. Lee & Co.

No earlier partnership changes have been found to date.

Firm Sources

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