Stephen Cave

Partnership Role

Cave, Ames & Cave

Banker (Banking)


According to C. H. Cave, Cave was a partner in the Bristol banking firm of Ames, Cave & Co


C. H. Cave, A History of Banking in Bristol (1899), pp. 112-13.

Firm Notes

Bristol bank, formed 1786 as Ames, Cave, Harford, Daubeny & Bright. Its founding partners were Levi Ames, drysalter; John Cave, merchant; Joseph Harford, china maker; George Daubeny, sugar refiner; and Richard Bright, banker. It was also known as Bristol New Bank, and later as Bristol Bank. The bank was acquired by Elton, Baillies, Tyndall, Palmer & Edwards ['the Bristol Old Bank'] in 1826.

Detailed list of name changes •Ames, Cave, Daubeny & Bright 1798-1800 •Ames, Daubeny, Bright, Cave, Daniel & Ames 1800-1806 •Ames, Bright, Cave, Daniel, Ames & Daubeny 1806-1813 •Ames, Bright, Cave, Daniel, Ames & Ballard 1813-1820 •Ames, Bright, Cave, Daniel, Ames & Bright 1820 •Bright, Cave, Daniel, Ames & Bright 1820-1821 •Cave, Daniel & Ames 1821-1822 •Cave, Ames & Cave from 1822

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