Archibald Bogle of Gilmorehill

Partnership Role

Robert Bogle and Co.
Other partner

West India merchant

No notes

Firm Notes

  1. Glasgow 11/11/1848: the subscriber William Hamilton, merchant of Glasgow, ceased by agreement 30/4/1846 to be a partner of the concern carried on in Glasgow under the firm of Robert Bogle and Co., and to have any interest in the estates belonging to that firm in the colony of Demerary and island of Trinidad


  1. Dissolution of partnership carrying on business as merchants in Glasgow and in Trinidad and Demerara in the West Indies under the firm of Robert Bogle & Co., by the sole remaining partners of the firm, Arch. Bogle and George Bogle (the latter signing Reading Nov 2 1854)


  1. The earlier bankruptcy of 1772 of Robert Bogle the elder, Robert Bogle the younger and William Scott formerly of Love Lane, London merchants appears not directly connected: these bankrupts were the Bogles of Daldowie as opposed to the Bogles of Shettlestone from whom the Glasgow firm descended.   

Firm Sources

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