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1817 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner

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£4,849 14S 7D
Tentative association only based on ownership and number of enslaved people. The original LBS compensation database showed British Guiana claim no. 270 as Pln. Philadelphia.


This estate has not yet been traced in the compensation records.

Estate Information (4)

What is this?

[Number of enslaved people] 85(Tot) 46(F) 39(M)  
[Name] Overwinning  

Return of slaves attached to Plantation Overwinning situate east bank of Berbice River the property of W. Katz [signed by W. Katz 24/12/1817].

T71/437 189
[Number of enslaved people] 94(Tot)  
[Name] Overwinning  

Return of slaves the property of Wolfert Katz attached to Pln Overwinning. 87 + 11 5m 6f) - 4 (3m 1f) = 94

T71/442 461-464
[Number of enslaved people] 99(Tot)  
[Name] Overwinning  

Property of W. Katz, return made by W. Katz (although signed apparently by G. Lowenfeld)

T71/443 65-66
[Number of enslaved people] 92(Tot)  
[Name] Overwinning  

Property of W. Katz, attached to Pln Overwinning, return made by W. Katz

T71/444 283-284