Aberdeen Estate

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1828 [SY] - 1834 [LA] → Owner
1817 [EA] - 1828 [EY] → Owner

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£1,840 1S 0D

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[Number of enslaved people] 67(Tot) 43(F) 24(M)  
[Name] Aberdeen Estate  

Return of Wm Bremner, owner. This entry includes the names of enslaved children's mothers. St. Mark.

T71/346 608-609
[Number of enslaved people] 70(Tot) 45(F) 25(M)  
[Name] Aberdeen  

Returned by William Bremner, owner. St. Luke.

T71/356 395
[Number of enslaved people] 70(Tot) 48(F) 22(M)  
[Name] Aberdeen Estate  

Return of William Bremner Esq., owner; returned by D L Laidlaw as attorney; The decrease list shows the assumed cause of death of the enslaved people listed. St Luke.

T71/358 290
[Number of enslaved people] 82(Tot) 50(F) 32(M)  
[Name] Aberdeen  

Returned by William Bremner, owner. St. Luke.

T71/360 254
[Number of enslaved people] 87(Tot) 55(F) 32(M)  
[Name] Aberdeen  

Returned by Maurice Ogston, superintendent for an unnamed owner; includes a full return of the enslaved. St. Luke.

T71/362 617 - 619
[Number of enslaved people] 97(Tot) 60(F) 37(M)  
[Name] Aberdeen Estate  

Return of Jas. L. Bremner, owner. St. Luke.

T71/363 242