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1817 [EA] - 1820 [LA] → Owner

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£2,455 6S 8D

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[Number of enslaved people] 79(Tot) 35(F) 44(M)  
[Name] Champigny Estate  

Return of William Brade, owner; returned by Samuel Gray as manager. This entry includes the names of enslaved children's mothers. St. Luke.

T71/346 613-615
[Number of enslaved people] 87(Tot) 43(F) 44(M)  
[Name] Champigny  

Returned by Charles Court, attorney for an unnamed owner; 8 enslaved people were 'purchased from Brades, Lockhart and Kelshal and by them purchased at Marshal's sale the property of the late John Corlet'. St. Luke.

T71/356 396 - 397
[Number of enslaved people] 124(Tot) 56(F) 68(M)  
[Name] Champigny Estate  

Return of Messrs Brades, joint owners; returned by Joseph Court as attorney; 30 enslaved people were 'transferred from the Registry of Jean Baptiste Serrant, Pore Estate in St. Luke by Charles Court the attorney of Messrs Brades the mortgagees in December 1820'. St Luke.

T71/358 291 - 293
[Number of enslaved people] 125(Tot) 54(F) 71(M)  
[Name] Champigny  

Returned by Charles Court, manager of Brades, owners; the owners' first names are not given. St. Luke.

T71/360 255
[Number of enslaved people] 129(Tot) 57(F) 72(M)  
[Name] Champigny  

Returned by Charles Court, attorney for an unnamed owner; includes a full return of the enslaved. St. Luke.

T71/362 623 -627
[Number of enslaved people] 130(Tot) 54(F) 76(M)  
[Name] Champigny Estate  

Return of Messrs. Brades of Liverpool, joint owners; returned by Joseph Sablon, manager. St. Luke.

T71/363 243-244