Morton's Bay

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1775 [SY] - → Mortgage Holder
1775 [SY] - → Mortgage Holder
1769 [EA] - 1769 [LA] → Trust beneficiary

In 1769, Morton's Bay (probably this estate) was purchased by the trustees of the marriage settlement of John Williams the younger (q.v.).

1775 [EA] - → Mortgage Holder
1793 [EA] - → Annuitant

Annuitant for £500 p.a. on the death of her first husband John Williams the younger.

1794 [EA] - 1794 [LA] → Tenant-in-tail or Remainderman
1817 [EA] - 1825 [LA] → Owner
1828 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Previous owner

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£3,655 18S 5D

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[Name] Mortons Bay  

An indenture of 01/12/1775 between Stephen Sayre and Bartholomew Coote Purdon and Charles Best rehearsed an earlier indenture of 24 and 25/03/1775 by which John Williams the younger had mortgaged the Mortons Bay estate on Nevis and 110 named enslaved people to Sayre and Purdon together with other estates named as Windmill, Basseterre Lowland, Paradice [sic], and Dumblesdale to secure his debt to them of £15,335 17s 10d, and appointed them as consignees for the sugar from the estates. Under the new indenture, the security was assigned by Sayre and Purdon to Charles Best, to whom they were bound by for £14,000 as security for the £7000 they owed him, and Purdon also assigned lands in Ireland to secure a further £3000 he lent in order for Sayre and Purdon to repay separate debts to John Reynolds.

Common Records 1776-1777, British Library, EAP794/1/1/16, pp. 1-21

[Number of enslaved people] 79(Tot)  
[Name] Morton Bay  

Return of Samuel Laurence, owner

T71/364 29-30
[Number of enslaved people] 81(Tot)  
[Name] Morton's Bay  

Return of Samuel Laurence, owner

T71/365 151
[Number of enslaved people] 79(Tot)  
[Name] Mortons Bay  

Return of Samuel Laurence, owner

T71/366 118-119
[Number of enslaved people] 79(Tot)  
[Name] Morton Bay  

Return of "Samuel Laurence, late of this Island, Esquire since deceased [owner]� but now in the possession of James Laurence Esquire as manager appointed by William Laurence Esquire, the Rev J H Laurence, John Woodley and Samuel Laurence Esquires, devisees thereof in trust under the last will and testament of the said Samuel Laurence deceased..."

T71/367 108-109
[Number of enslaved people] 74(Tot) 36(F) 38(M)  
[Name] Morton's Bay  

Return of the heirs of Samuel Laurence, deceased, owner; returned by James Laurence

T71/368 157
[Number of enslaved people] 68(Tot) 31(F) 37(M)  
[Name] Morton Bay  

Return of Heirs of Samuel Laurence, owner; returned by James Laurence

T71/369 76-77