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1817 [EA] - 1820 [LA] → Previous owner

The heirs of Grace Nibbs were registered as owners in 1817 and 1820. Grace Nibbs of Antigua's own will details some of the background to her family's ownership.

1820 [EA] - 1820 [LA] → Other

'John Berkeley of Grenada' is shown as purchasing the enslaved people on Pagoa c. 1820 and shipping them to Grenada. This is inferred to be John Henry Earle Berkeley (q.v.) whose Paradise estate on Grenada shows an equivalent rise in the number of enslaved people on it around the same time.

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[Number of enslaved people] 49(Tot) 23(F) 26(M)  
[Name] Pagoa Estate  

Return of the heirs of the late Mrs. Grace Nibbs, joint owners; returned by Thomas Simpson, trustee and executor. This entry includes the names of enslaved children's mothers. St. Andrew.

T71/343 460-461
[Number of enslaved people] 50(Tot) 24(F) 26(M)  
[Name] Pagoa Park  

Returned by William Anderson, executor of Thomas Simpson and guardian under the will of Grace Nibbs, joint owners; 44 enslaved people were 'sold to Lockhart Pott and Court [in] July 1819 for G. Berkley'. T Berkley's 1820 return in T71/348 shows that the enslaved were shipped to Grenada. St. Andrew.

T71/354 316 - 317
[Number of enslaved people] 64(Tot) 32(F) 32(M)  

Returned by Charles Court, attorney of John Berkeley of Grenada, purchased 57 enslaved people from Pagua Park Estate, the property of the heirs of the late Mrs Grace Nibbs, as by conveyance to the said Joseph [sic] Berkeley by Joseph Burton her executor' [this number exceeds that stated in Nibbs return]. [Also listed in their return were 3 people who had been registered by Mrs Hallin and 10 people who had been registered by Mrs Cox in the 1817 register and 7 enslaved people who were purchased from other individuals]. 4 enslaved people were sold to Mrs Hamilton of Point Round Estate and 60 people were exported to Grenada on the sloop Retrieve. Roseau.

T71/348 5 to 7
[Number of enslaved people] 17(Tot) 7(F) 10(M)  
[Name] Pagua Park  

Returned by Edward M Casey for himself and [no first name] Hughes, joint owners; the entry is made by Casey's surname rather than by the name of the estate; 16 enslaved people were purchased. St. Andrew.

T71/354 294