Barbadoes Valley

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1740 [EA] - → Other

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1740 [EA] - → Previous owner


Listed in the Accounts Produce for 1740 but not found in other sources.

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[Name] Barbadoes Valley  
[Crop] sugar and rum  

Belonging to the late Peter Beckford Esq. Senior and his copartners. Account filed by William Beckford. The estates of Retreat, Kays, Malmsey Valley, Crofts, Rock River, Lime Hall, Danks, Petersfield, Shrewsbury, Roaring River, Hatfield, Smithfield, Barbadoes Valley, Lewis's Crawle, Beckford & Forbes Plantation, Seven Mile Walk, Dirty Pitt Pen, Dry sugar Work Pen, Two Mile Wood Pen, Bodles Pen, Withy Wood Pen and Esher were filed together.

Accounts Produce, Jamaica Archives, IB/11/4/1 76