Golden Vale

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- 1809 [EY] → Owner
- 1817 [LA] → Previous owner
1808 [EA] - 1808 [LA] → Seller

Seller of land to James Lacroix that came to form [part of] Golden Vale.

1834 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner
1834 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Mortgage Holder
1834 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Mortgage Holder

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£1,723 15S 3D

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[Name] Part of Belmont becoming Golden Vale  
[Size] 68  

Bridget Ross and James Byres of Tonley were parties to an indenture of 01/08/1808 whereby Bridget Ross contracted to sell land to James Lacroix (q.v.) identified in the deed as part of the Belmont estate in St George on St Vincent. The deed recited that John Byres had owned 197 acres of land which he had in 1774 mortgaged to William Fraser of Inner Temple; that mortgage had become the property of James Byres of Tonley [the mechanism was not specified]. James Lacroix agreed to purchase 68 acres of the total parcel for £2443 2s 6d, of which he paid 1/3rd upfront, divided between Bridget Ross and James Byres with the majority to Bridget Ross. [Lacroix died very shortly after this deed was signed; the land he purchased appears to have become the Golden Vale estate]. Deed Book 1810, British Library, EAP688/1/1/21, pp. 147-154.

[Number of enslaved people] 80(Tot)  
[Name] Golden Vale Estate  

The heirs of James Lacroix as owners and hired from George Davidson.

T71/493 220-222
[Number of enslaved people] 92(Tot) 44(F) 48(M)  
[Name] Golden Vale Estate  

Golden Vale Estate. Statement sworn by Richard Finch [35 enslaved people recorded as purchased from John Dalzell and Co,1817; 1 purchased from William Durham, February 1818].

T71/495 104-105
[Number of enslaved people] 81(Tot) 41(F) 40(M)  
[Name] Golden Vale Estate  

Golden Vale Estate. Statement sworn by W J Thrustans [sic]. Petition presented to the Governor as return was late. The Governor granted the petition on account of the property being in the possession of a minor

T71/497 75-76
[Number of enslaved people] 76(Tot) 40(F) 36(M)  
[Name] Golden Vale Estate  

Golden Vale Estate. Statement sworn by W J Thurston, manager.

T71/497 71-72
[Number of enslaved people] 74(Tot) 37(F) 37(M)  
[Name] Golden Vale Estate  

James Lacroix. Statement sworn by William Laborde.

T71/499 65-66
[Number of enslaved people] 65(Tot) 34(F) 31(M)  
[Name] Golden Vale Estate  

Golden Vale Estate. The property of James H Lacroix. Statement sworn by himself [1 enslaved person declared as having obtained freedom under the third section of the Slavery Abolition Act, having been in England]. Register taken on 1st May. Total on 1st August 1834 was 65 enslaved people.

T71/500 103-104