New Prospect

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1809 [EA] - 1809 [LA] → Joint owner
1809 [EA] - 1809 [LA] → Joint owner
1809 [EA] - 1809 [LA] → Joint owner
1809 [EA] - → Previous owner
1817 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner
1817 [EA] - → Other

Leased 32 enslaved people to New Prospect

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£2,576 12S 0D
£1,673 0S 9D

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[Number of enslaved people] 124(Tot)  
[Name] New Prospect  
[Size] 240  

f. 221‐9 Entered 17 June 1809 Conveyance: an indenture made 1 June 1809 between i) James Lowe (esquire, Trinidad) and ii) William Manning, John Proctor Anderdon and Charles Bosanquet (merchants and copartners, City of London). Refers to the sale by Lowe to the London merchants a sugar estate called New Prospect, Charlotte parish, Saint Vincent, containing 240 acres of land and 124 slaves. The London merchants paid £18,000 sterling for this sugar estate.

EAP 345 Kenneth Morgan Endangered Archives of St Vincent
[Number of enslaved people] 139(Tot)  
[Name] New Prospect Estate  

James Symon as owner; also some enslaved people leased from John W Carmichael and from the heirs of Adam Craig.

T71/493 63-65
[Number of enslaved people] 152(Tot) 74(F) 78(M)  
[Name] New Prospect Estate  

James Symon as owner [some enslaved people purchased from Adam Patterson, J Duthy, Thomas F Arrindell, Duncan Brown, H Nicholl, G Griffin and the estate of A Craig; also some enslaved people purchased from Dominica, 21 August 1818; leased enslaved people returned to John W Carmichael].

T71/495 32-35
[Number of enslaved people] 157(Tot) 77(F) 80(M)  
[Name] New Prospect Estate  

New Prospect Estate. Statement sworn by James Symon.

T71/497 23-24
[Number of enslaved people] 160(Tot) 75(F) 86(M)  
[Name] New Prospect Estate  

New Prospect Estate. Statement sworn by James Symon. Previous total not given, nor numbers of males and females

T71/497 42
[Number of enslaved people] 152(Tot) 70(F) 82(M)  
[Name] New Prospect Estate  

James Symon.

T71/499 29-30
[Number of enslaved people] 144(Tot) 69(F) 75(M)  
[Name] New Prospect Estate  

New Prospect Estate. The property of James Symon. Statement sworn by himself [2 enslaved people declared as having obtained their freedom under the third section of the Slavery Abolition Act, they having been in England]. Register taken on 1st May. Total on 1st August 1834 was 144 enslaved people.

T71/500 45-47