Taymouth Manor

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1798 [EA] - 1798 [LA] → Joint owner
1798 [EA] - 1798 [LA] → Joint owner
1798 [EA] - 1798 [LA] → Joint owner
1817 [EA] - 1817 [LA] → Previous owner


Demerara - not yet linked with either Taymouth Manor or Taymouth Manor & Farm in the compensation records, but more likely to have been connected with the latter.. The will of Benjamin Hopkinson (q.v) the elder gave 'Teignmouth Manor' as the name of one of his estates.

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[Name] Theynouth [isc] Manor  
[Size] 650  
[Crop] Cotton  

Plantation No. 1 under the sub-heading 'A la Cote Occidentale de Mahiacouni' was Theynouth [sic] Manor, proprietaires Campbel, Bailie & Hopkinson 650 Carreaux C[oton]. No.2 was under the same ownership, unnamed, 250 Carreaux C[oton].

Carte Generale...Liste des Habitations (1798) http://dpc.uba.uva.nl/suriname
[Number of enslaved people] 280(Tot) 121(F) 159(M)  
[Name] Taymouth Manor  

John Grant atty exor to estate of B. Hopkinson.

T71/397 T3 2334