Mary's Hope

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1817 [EA] - → Joint owner
1818 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Joint owner

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£10,543 12S 1D
£1,392 0S 9D

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[Number of enslaved people] 253(Tot) 87(F) 166(M)  
[Name] Mary's Hope  

Return of slaves attached to Plantation Mary's Hope situate on the Corrantyne Coast colony of Berbice, the joint property of William Kewley, Robert Taitt and Frances Arthur. This return made by William Kewley 30/12/1817. The return is organised in three roughly equal sections, as though each owned specified enslaved people rather than share in the whole.

T71/437 198-200
[Number of enslaved people] 230(Tot)  
[Name] Mary's Hope  

Return of slaves the property of W. Kewley and R. Taitt and attached to Pln. Mary's Hope, this return made by William Campbell 236 + 19 (15m 4f) -25 (21m 4f) = 230

T71/442 449-452
[Number of enslaved people] 227(Tot)  
[Name] Mary's Hope  

The property of William Kewley and Robert Taitt, return by W. Kewley. William Kewley also registered a further 17 enslaved people in his own name [T71/443 pp.85-86].

T71/443 83-84
[Number of enslaved people] 214(Tot)  
[Name] Mary's Hope  

The property of Robert Taitt and the estate of William Kewley and Robert Taitt, and attached to Mary's Hope, return by W. Campbell qq.

T71/444 678-681