Atkinson, Hozier & Co.

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1818 →
Adams Robertson []
1844 →
[London Gazette]
1847 →
Atkinson, MacGregor & Co. [London Gazette]


This firm was successor to a company (the name of which is currently unknown, but possibly G & M Atkinson) which with the 6th Earl of Balcarres contracted slave-labour for the Army and the civil government in Jamaica. Atkinson, Hozier was dissolved in 1844, but Atkinson, MacGregor continued, with George Atkinson retiring 31/12/1846, and Charles MacGregor and Richard Atkinson continuing. An intermediate firm appears to have traded as Adams Robertson, and c. 1818 as Adams Robertson Greenfield and Atkinson.


For the slave contracting, see the claims database.  For the firm's dissolution, see London Gazette 20343 14 May 1844 p. 1648; for George Atkinson's retirement see London Gazette 20702 12 February 1847 p. 592 [p.30 of 56], where the three partners sign 7/1/1847. For Adams Robertson Greenfield and Atkinson, see the case of Forbes v Adams in Chancery, 1839]