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1824 →
[Edinburgh Gazette]
1824 →
Garden, King & Co. [Edinburgh Gazette]


  1. Alexander Garden retired 31/12/1811from the partnerships at Glasgow as Francis Garden & Sons and Francis Garden & Co, at Demerara as Garden, King & Co., and at Jamaica as Dugald Malcom Ruthr[v]en, signed by Alexander Garden, Robert Garden, Hamilton Wm Garden, Geo. H. King for David King and Francis Garden for himself and Dugald Malcolm Ruthven.


  1. Notice to creditors of David King merchant of Demerara, an individual partner in the firm of Francis Garden & Son merchant in Glasgow: on application of said David King, sequestration of his estate


  1.  27/10/1824 Notice to creditors of Francis Garden & Sons, and Garden, King & Co. Merchants at Glasgow and Demerara and of Francis Gardner merchant in Glasgow and David King merchant in Demerara partners of these firms as individuals: Appointment of a new trustee and new Commissioner [of sequestration?]  


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