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1844 →
[London Gazette]


  1. Notification from HMCommissioners of Stamps and Taxes to Messrs. Baillie Ames & Co., certifying average amount of bank notes (£89540) of H.D.  Baillie, Levi Ames, J.E. Baillie, Daniel Cave, James Palmer and William Edwards, trading as Bristol Old Bank, circulating in 12 weeks prior to April 27 1844.

There appears to be overlap of partners and possibly premises between the mercantile partnership of Baillie, Ames and Baillie and its predecessors, and the banking partnership known variously as Bristol Bank, Bristol Old Bank and Miles, Cave, Baillie & Co.


  1. London Gazette 20383 13/9/1844 p. 3160. [accessed 05/01/2016].