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Hardy Brothers Barbados []
1868 →
9 Mincing Lane [London Gazette]


  1. 'Messrs Simeon, Hardy & Sons' is first shown in 1868 at 9 Mincing Lane, with Thomas Hardy and John Peter Hardy merchants at the same address. The partnership of Henry Hardy the elder and Thomas Hardy, West Indian merchants at 9 Mincing Lane London under the firm Simeon Hardy and Sons, was dissolved by consent 19/10/1872.

  2. Liquidation by arrangement or composition with creditors instituted by John Spooner Hardy of 38 Lower Belgrave St., Edmund William Hamilton of 71 Eccleston Square, and Richard Thomas Ling of 4 Elm Place Nunhead Lane Peckham Rye, all of 9 Mincing Lane trading under the style or firm of Simeon Hardy and Sons and of the Island of Barbados trading under the style or firm of Hardy Brothers, merchants and co-partners.


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