D H Rucker

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1800 →
H. D. [sic] Rucker 29 Mincing Lane [P.O.]
1811 →
D.H. Rucker 29 Mincing Lane [P.O.]
1820 →
D.H.Rucker & Co. 29 Mincing Lane [P.O.]
1834 →
D.H. Rucker & Co. 29 Mincing Lane [Pigott]
1840 →
Henry John Rucker 14 Mincing Lane [P.O.]


  1. Commission of Bankruptcy 17/11/1831 versus Daniel Henry Rucker, John Anthony Rucker, Henry John Rucker of Wormwood Street and of Mincing Lane, both in City of London, West India merchants, wool-merchants, dealers, chapmen and partners.  


  1. 'A very old West India & Hambro House. In almost every Crisis they have been looked upon in a most doubtful light, and yet have always stood their ground. They are certainly not thought the most highly of; there can be little doubt however, that they must possess considerable capital. In the course of the Year their consignments from the West Indies are to a large extent.   For many Years they have been large Receivers of Wool from Germany on consignment.  The writer does not think them clever men and has observed that they have been generally unfortunate in making bad Debts.  Mr D.H.R. Used to live most splendidly at Melrose Hall, Wandsworth; but has recently gone to reside at Bath....There are two other Rs in the house who conduct the business.'




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  1. Baring Brothers character book, not catalogued; late 1820s; cited in Kynaston 'City of London' I p. 81