Romanticised portrayal of Spring Garden estate in St George, from James Hakewill's Picturesque tour of the island of Jamaica (1825). According to James Hakewill, "This plantation is contiguous to the sea-shore, and adjoins the left bank of the Spanish river. The mansion-house, or, according to local phraseology, the great house, is placed on a rising ground, and judiciously overlooks the works, which are extensive, and in the most complete repair; the mill is turned by a well-supplied water-wheel, and the boiling-house contains a double and single set of coppers. The overseer's house and offices, the hospital, and a building for the negro children, are severally large, and well adapted for their purposes. Between these and the great house, at the foot of the knoll on which the latter stands, is seen a portion of the negro village, which embraces, however, in its whole circuit an area of nearly thirty acres." See https://archive.org/details/picturesquetouro00hake.


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