Harriet Chapman

???? - 1849

Claimant or beneficiary


Annuitant of £50 p.a., trustees for whom were awarded part of the compensation for the Grove and Spring estates on St Vincent.

  1. According to her representatives writing to the Compensation Commission, 'The present case is of a peculiar hardship. The annuity bequeathed to this poor woman being intended by the testator as a comfortable provision made for her as an old servant, for long, and faithful services, she returned to England depending solely upon it for her support during her life time and in consequence of it being in arrear for nearly 4 years she is thereby reduced to a state of destitution and distress'.

  2. Death of Harriet Chapman registered at Portsea Island Hampshire Q3 1849.


T71/892 St Vincent nos. 635 and 645.

  1. T71/1610 letter from Cruickshank and Wakefield, Gosport [Hampshire], counterclaim of a poor woman [i.e. Harriet Chapman] asking to avoid serving counterclaims personally because of expense.

  2. FreeUKGen, England and Wales Free BMD Database, Deaths, 1837-1983 [database online].

Further Information


Associated Claims (1)

£2,207 4s 11d

Addresses (1)

St James Street, Portsea, Southampton, Hampshire, Wessex, England