Henry Francis Palmer

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Henry Francis Palmer, wine merchant in Cambridge and husband of Frances Palmer, through whom he became entitled to the compensation for 23 enslaved people in Clarendon Jamaica. Given in the compensation records as Henry Palmer.

  1. Bankruptcy of Henry Francis Palmer, of Cambridge, brewer and wine-merchant in 1839.


T71/1593 p. 6 07/12/1835 and p. 46 08/01/1836: 46 letters from Commissioners to Henry Palmer Cambridge re Clarendon no. 359; letters from Hy Fren Palmer wine merchant of Cambridge re Clarendon claim no. 359 10/08/1835 and 05/12/1835 in which he explains that the property came to him through his wife ('I am unacquainted with West India affairs'); T71/1592 p. 10 21/08/1835 letter of Commissioners to Frances Palmer in response to hers forwarded by the Secretary of State.

  1. Edinburgh Gazette, Issue 4784, 22/03/1839, 'From the London Gazette'.

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Name in compensation records
Henry Palmer
Wine merchant

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£466 17s 7d

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Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, East Anglia, England