James Allan

???? - 1827

Previous owner (non-claimant)


Resident planter, died c. 1827: the compensation for his share in the enslaved people on William estate was awarded to George Rainy, possibly as executor of James Allan as well as beneficiary.

  1. Marriages 21 Feb 1826 at Pln William Demerara, James Allan Esq. to Jane second daughter of John Ord of Redhall, Morayshire.

  2. Call under a decree dated 27/02/1827, on behalf of Jane Ord executrix, Geo. Rainy, Walter Ross and William Ord as executors and de rato cavens Charles Parker sen., for creditors of James Allan deceased to lodge claims against his estate, his plantation Tuschen de Vrienden and his half share of Pln William.


  1. Scots Magazine Vol. 97 June 1826 p.766.

  2. London Gazette 18360 11/05/1827 p. 1042.

Further Information

Jane Ord

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£12,615 1s 9d
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