Thomas Lighton

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Deceased owner of Belair in British Guiana, for which the compensation was awarded to the sequestrators of his estate.

  1. Thomas Lighton, 'late of Donymana [sic], County Tyrone, late of the Colony of Berbice, deceased' left 22 guilders 'to the Poor's fund of this colony' [n.d., but apparently before 1834]. There is thus ambiguity about his residence. Nor is it yet clear what if any connection he had to the Lighton baronets of Ireland.

  2. Thomas Lighton's one-half of the BelAir estate was announced to be sold by auction within one year in 1832, at the behest of James Culley mortgagee.


  1. Return of Commissions of Charitable Donations and Bequests, Ireland, since 1830 p. 83.

  2. London Gazette 18968 21/08/1832 p. 1895.

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£3,194 3s 10d
Previous owner (not making a claim)

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