William Harman

???? - 1824


William Harman of Montpelier and Gobles in Antigua, resident slave-owner, born 1792, son of Thomas Duberry Harman and Mary Blizard Buckley, will dated 11/06/1823. Under the will he left the Mount [formerly known as Gobles] to 'my little son' James Athill Harman. He explained that his residuary heir Thomas Gillan Harman (who received Montpelier subject to the legacies charged on it) was amply provided for by his grandfather.


Vere Langford Oliver, History of Antigua Vol. II part I pp. 62-67 Pedigree of Harman.

Further Information

Margaret Spencer Gillan
Thomas Gillan; James Athill; Mary Grehan; Ann Elizabeth; 2ds 1s who died as infants

Associated Claims (2)

£1,708 11s 0d
Other association
£1,549 4s 2d
Other association

Associated Estates (2)

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- 1824 [EY] → Owner

In the compensation records, Joseph Lavicount claimed the compensation for the Montpelier and Mount estates 'in right of wife, guardian of the heirs of Wm. Harman.' William Harman was shown by Vere Langford Oliver as 'of Montpelier and Gobles', and as dying in 1824 with his wife remarrying with Joseph Lavicount.

- 1824 [LA] → Owner