John Piggott

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John Piggott was among the early purchasers of land in Tobago, as was Arthur Leary Pigott or Piggott (q.v.). It is not yet clear whether John Piggott the purchaser was the John Piggott of Barbados and later Attorney General of Grenada (d. 1776?) who was father of Arthur Leary Pigott or Piggott: it is conceivable the purchaser was a brother of Arthur Leary Piggott.

  1. John Piggot [sic] was shown as the original purchaser of Queens Bay division (St Paul parish) Lots nos. 13 and 14 on 19/04/1768 and Queens Bay division (St Paul parish) Lot no. 38 on 05/06/1770: together with Queens Bay division (St Paul parish) Lot no. 36 (which was originally purchased by William Young), these lots came to form King's Bay estate. By 1773, John Piggott was the Present Proprietor of all four Lots. By 1773, John Piggott was also shown as the Present Proprietor of Northeast division (St John parish) Lot no. 40 (originally bought 17/05/1771 by William Lucas)


A biographical sketch of General Robert Melville of Strathkinness, written by his Secretary, with notes by Evan. W. M. Balfour-Melville, B.A. accessed 26/11/2013, which gives John Piggott the father of 'Sir Arthur Piggott' as the Attorney General of Grenada.

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19/04/1768 [SD] - → Joint owner
1773 [SY] - 1773 [EY] → Owner