Edward P. Hart

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Hart was the chief overseer for Ward Codgan, though described as Attorney in the 1832 Barbados Slave Register. Hart registered the enslaved for both the Pickering plantation and Crabhill in 1834.

He also carried out the return (of 0) on behalf of Abel Corbin, 'an invalid', in Barbados, 1832. Those enslaved owned by Corbin were mainly sold or gifted to Jane N. Hunt and Honor Corbin.

In the 1829 return for Pickering's his name is spelled Harte rather than Hart.


1832 Slave Register: T71/548, pp. 328-30 and 333-35; & see notes on the claim Barbados 2959A & B: T71/564 p 59; for the Corbin return, T71/548, pp. 333-35; for 1829 name spelling: T71/542, p. 238.

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