Edward Hawkins

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Early purchaser of land in Tobago, as original grantee: 09/05/1769 of North East division (St John parish) Lot no. 31 (200 acres) with J. Johnstone (which by 1773 was in the name of Edward Hawkins alone), which became Charlotteville; 05/06/1770 of North East division (St John parish) Lot no. 37; and 15/05/1771 of North East division (St John parish) Lot no. 44, both the latter of which by 1773 were in the hands of Ralph Skelton. Surgeon Edward Hawkins of the 62nd Regiment of Foot was appointed surgeon to the hospital at Tobago in 1768, and served until 1777, when he appears to have swapped places with William Gardiner, previously surgeon of the 15th Regiment of light dragoons.


The Universal Magazine Vol. 42 (1768) p. 278; The Scots Magazine Vol. 39 pp. 455-456.

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