Abram Markoe

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Early purchaser of land in Tobago, being granted North East division (St John parish) Lot No. 30 (500 acres) 09/05/1769, which by c.1773 was shown as '___Macevoy' (possibly a mistranscription of Markoe), and which became Charlotteville.

  1. Identified in genealogy sources as Abram Markoe, born St Croix 1727, moving to Philapdelphia in 1770 and fighting against the British in the American War of Independence, dying at Philadelphia in 1806.


  1. Ancestry.com, family trees for Abram Markoe, one of which cites Charles W. Baird's History of the Huguenot Emigration to America (1885) Vol. 1 pp. 209-210, which gives a brief account of the Marcou [sic] family.

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