Jane Buckley Gamble

???? - 1817


In 1817 33 enslaved people were registered for Jane Buckley Gamble 'of some part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, spinster, proprietor' by Elizabeth Kirwan, widow, her attorney.

  1. Will of Jane Buckley Gamble formerly of Antigua but now of England was made in 1817 and proved 07/07/1828. In the will she left her one fifth undivided part of and in the plantation or estate in the division of Five Island in the Island of Antigua in the West Indies' to her sister Elizabeth Sarah Kirwan, 'as also the following slaves, Georgia Maston and Margaret and Medoro [?] & Sophia and their children born now or hereafter' for her life, then her sister Anne Beech and her children, then to Jane Buckley Gamble's niece and on to other family members. She left further named enslaved people - Louisa and her children now born and their issue, Julia and her children now born and their issue and the children of Catherine and their issue - to her sister Elizabeth Sarah Kirwan, and to John Baxter, carpenter, she gave freedom and £5 p.a. She made further provisions for family members and other enslaved people.

  2. Despite the 1828 probate date, it appears probable that this was the Jane Gamble of Gloucester Street St George the Martyr who was buried 30/08/1817 at St George Bloomsbury aged 57.


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  1. PROB 11/1743/91. The probate shows her as formerly of Antigua but late of Gloucester Street, Queen square Middlesex.

  2. Ancestry.com, London, England, Deaths & Burials, 1813-1980 [database online].

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Gloucester Street, London, Middlesex, London, England