Jean Pierre Marreaud

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Resident slave-owner in Grenada. In 1818 Jean Pierre Marreaud appeared as having retained a number of enslaved people after his sale of the Concord and Palmiste estates to Owsley Rowley. He disappeared from the Slave Registers after 1822.

  1. Stephen Mullen recorded a financial relationship of 'Jean Pierre Marreud' of Grenada with the firm of Leitch & Smith, reporting £10,000 described as 'Mortgage Repayment' between 1810 and 1818.


T71/269 p. 254. The indices to the Slave Registers on give him variously as J.P. Marreand (1817), J.P. Marriaud (1817), John Peter Markand (1818) and John Peter Marreaud (1821).

  1. Stephen Mullen, 'The Glasgow West India interest: integration, collaboration and exploitation in the British Atlantic World, 1776-1846. (University of Glasgow, PhD thesis 2015) p. 215, sourced to an indenture of 06/08/1819.

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