James Ramsay Cuthbert

???? - 1821


MP, and mortgagee on Sir William Young's Betsey's Hope estate on Tobago for £4000. Inherited an East India Co. fortune from his father Arthur Cuthbert. It is possible that Alexander Gordon, John Gordon and Daniel Rucker, who claimed compensation as mortgagees for just under £3000 on Betsey's Hope in the 1830s, were trustees or executors for Ramsay or had purchased the mortgage from him.


http://www.historyofparliamentonline.org/volume/1790-1820/member/cuthbert-james-ramsay-1821 [accessed 28/03/2015]. The entry raises the possibility that Cuthbert was a business associate as well as fellow-MP with Charles Brooke (q.v.).

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Sophia Smith
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1804 [EA] - → Mortgage Holder

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Appleby Westmoreland
1807 - 1812