Robert Marshall

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Owner of the Ridge Pen in St Ann, Jamaica. Died c. 1821. Owned 40 enslaved people on the Ridge in 1792.

Possibly the same Robert Marshall who owned a further 13 enslaved people and 13 stock on an unspecified property in St Ann at the same date.


'A List of slaves and stock in the parish of St Ann taken the 28th March 1792 pursuant to order of the Honourable House of Assembly... transcribed from papers presented to the British Museum by Charles E. Long ref. Add. 12435' transcribed at

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PROB 11/1849/353 - precis.

Robert Marshall of St Ann, Jamaica Esquire.

To Margaret and Elizabeth Wright, the daughters of Adam Wright formerly of Spital Farm near Kelso in North Britain £1500 sterling each.

To Elizabeth Jeffery, daughter of Robert Jaffery formerly of Stitchill Mill near Kelson in North Britain £2000 sterling.

To Robert Jaffery, William Jaffery, Margaret Maffery and Catherine Jaffery, children of Robert Jaffery £500 sterling each.

To my lawful heir whether male or female £10 sterling in full consideration of any claim he or she may have to my estate.

All the rest and residue to John Jeffery and George Wright, the sons of Robert Jaffery and Adam Wright to be equally divided between them.

Executors as soon as possible after my death to sell my real and personal estate in Jamaica and remit the proceeds to Britain.

Executors to be Sir John Pringle Baronet of Stichell House near Kelso and Thomas Todd, merchant of London. Also James Lawrence Hilton and James Patten executors in Jamaica.

Signed 08/12/1820.

Proved in London 10/07/1835 by Thomas Todd.

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