Cheesman Moe [II]

???? - 1839


Presumably related to Cheeseman Moe (1737-1805) [q.v.] but it is not clear how. Possibly the husband of Elizabeth Moe Brathwaite, married 14 November 1812, St Philip, Barbados. Chessman Moe was speaker of the House in Barbados c. 1825, but this is not consistent with the will below.

  1. Will of Cheesman Moe Lieutenant on Half Pay of Peterboro Upper Canada proved 18/07/1839. In his will (of which Abel Rous Dottin was executor) he left his property to his son, also Cheesman, with the instruction to pay the instalment due to the government for his land at Peterboro. This was possibly the son of the claimant.


Caribbean Marriages, 1591-1905, FamilySearch, accessed 16 February 2016.

  1. PROB 11/1913/409.

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Landowner of Peterboro Upper Canada when he made his will in...