David Stoddard Greenough

1752 - 1826


New England resident, American Revolutionary politician and co-owner of Yeamans estate on Antigua, which he inherited through his mother, the step-aunt of Shute Shrimpton Yeamans (q.v.), and in which he sold his share in 1818 to Charles Robertson (q.v.).

  1. 'David Stoddard Greenough (David S. Greenough I, 1752-1826), lawyer and merchant, was the son of Thomas and Sarah (Stoddard) Greenough. In 1784, he married Anne Doane (1744-1802), daughter of John and June (Collier) Doane, widow of Elisha Doane, and mother of John Doane. After the Revolution, they moved to the former Loring house in Jamaica Plain (Roxbury), Mass. Their only child was David Stoddard Greenough, Jr. (David S. Greenough II, 1787-1830). An ardent patriot, David S. Greenough I was a member of the "Sons of Liberty" and on the Committee of Public Safety under George Washington. He served the state of Massachusetts as a justice of the peace in both Norfolk and Suffolk counties. From his mother Sarah (Stoddard), he inherited one-sixth of Noddles Island. With his brother William, he exchanged a share of a Chelsea farm for another two-sixths of Noddles Island, thus increasing his share of the island to one-half.'


  1. Massachusetts Historical Society, David Stoddard Greenough Family Papers, http://www.masshist.org/collection-guides/view/fa0160 [accessed 13/04/2016].

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