Edmund Reynolds of Bath

???? - 1811


Slave-owner on St Vincent. settled in Britain from at least 1801.

  1. Will of Edmund Reynolds of Bath [made in 1801] proved 24/04/1812. The transcription of the will appears to be missing its first page, which was then provided by a witness in draft form. Under this draft addition, Reynolds identified himself as 'of the parish of Bath West India planter', and left his estate called Belvidere and his moiety of another estate whose name is omitted except 'and park' in Charlotte parish St Vincent in trust to be sold. Under the will he left his wife Caroline an annuity of £500 p.a., and £2000; his son Edmund £6000 six years after his [the son's] marriage; his daughter Caroline £6000 four years after his death; his son William Augustus £5500; and his daughter Louisa £5000.

  2. By 1826, when the will of Caroline Reynolds widow of [27 Royal Crescent] Bath [proved 05/03/1829] was made, only Caroline of the children of Edmund and Caroline Reynolds appears to have been still alive. She had married Charles Semple and was left one-third of Caroline Reynolds' residual estate, while her two daughters Laura and Mary Ann Semple were left the other two-thirds of their grandmother's residual estate.


  1. PROB 11/1532/413.

  2. PROB 11/1753/236.

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1801 [EA] - 1801 [LA] → Owner

Edmund Reynolds showed himself as the owner of Belvidere when he made his will in 1801. He appears to have sold it in 1809 shortly before his death in 1811.

- 1807 [LA] → Joint owner

This tentatively inferred association from an incomplete section of the will of Edmund Reynolds of Bath made in 1801 in which he referred to his ownership of a moiety of '....and Park' in Charlotte [parish] St Vincent is confirmed by a deed of 1810 rehearsing the recent history of the estate, and showing Reynolds selling his half share for £5000 to James Lacroix, who defaulted on the payments.

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Bath, Somerset, South-west England, England