John Mclean

???? - 1815


Resident planter. Owner of Olive Park in Vere and Bowden in St Thomas-in-the-East. Died c. 1815: his will was made in August 1814 and proved in London in June 1815. After monetary legacies to relatives in Glasgow, his main legatee was his son - inferred to be a natural son - James Alves McLean.

Further Information


PROB 11/1569/443 - precis.

John McLean of the parish of St Thomas-in-the-East, Jamaica, residing at present on my estate in the parish of Vere called Olive Park.

To my sister Ann McLean of the City of Glasgow spinster an annuity of £200 sterling for life. Also to her, £1,000 sterling.

To my nephew David McMillan late of the City of Glasgow, merchant, £3,000 sterling.

To each of my nieces Ann McMillan and Margaret McMillan, sisters of Daniel McMillan, £1,500 sterling.

To my cousin Peter McLachlan of the City of London, merchant, £500.

To my god-daughter Laura McLean Tair, daughter of my friend Robert William Tait Esquire £200.

To each of my friends Sir Alured[?] Clarke and Kean Osborn Esquire £100 as a small testimony of the high respect and esteem I have for them, to whose countenance and protection I beg to recommend my boy named James Alves McLean hereinafter mentioned.

To each of my trustees and executors £50.

To my friends Henry Davidson, Aeneus Barkly and Peter McLachlan Esquires of the City of London, merchants, Francis Roberts of Lincolns Inn Esquire, attorney at law, Donald McLean of the parish of Vere and Thomas McKenzie of the parish of St Thomas-in-the-East, Jamaica, all my plantations in Jamaica upon trust to sell my plantations and remit the profits to England. The trustees to pay out of the income of my estate for the maintenance and education of my son James Alves McLean, not to exceed £500 sterling, until he shall have acquired a good liberal education and until he shall have attained the age of 21 years. The residue of such income to be invested upon the life funds or securites in order that it shall accumulate. The whole of the residue to be transferred to James Alves McLean at age 21 years.

Should James Alves McLean die before the age of 21, then one moity of the residue to my nephew Daniel McMillan and out of the remaining moity £2,000 each to Ann McMillan and Margaret McMillan and then the residue to my trustees to be divided among such persons as would have been entitled thereto under the statute of distributions in case I had died intestate.

Signed 13/08/1814.

Proved at London 23/06/1815.

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