Richard Thornley

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Given as Thorneley in the slave registers of 1820 and 1823 when he owned enslaved people in Vere jointly with Alexander F. Simpson and William Owen.

Very likely the Richard Thorneley who was executor of Robert Roach in Vere in 1817 and 1820.

Ann Statia Thorneley, daughter of Mr Richard Thorneley and Ann Roach, a "free quadroon woman", aged eleven months, baptised in Clarendon 05/03/1815.

Robert Roach Thorneley, a "free mestee" child aged about 5 months, baptised in Clarendon 12/05/1816.

Sarah Bower Thornely, a "mustee child of free condition" aged 3 years, and Thomas Thornely, a "mustee child of free condition" aged 5 months, both baptised in Clarendon 01/08/1821.

Mary Elizabeth Thornly, "mulatto" daughter of Richard Thornly and Ann Roach, baptised in Clarendon 22/01/1826. Marianne Thornly, "quadroon" daughter of Richard Thornly and Sarah Wright, baptised in Clarendon on the same day. Both mothers' abode given as Mears estate.

Edward Bowe Thornley, son of Richard Thornley and Amie [sic] Roach, baptised in Vere 19/11/1828.

Richard Bradbury Thornley, son of Richard Thornley and Mary Ann Roach, baptised in Vere 04/11/1829.

Richard Thornley was also likely the father of an enslaved child named Richard Thornley, "quadroon", aged 5, Creole, son of Eliza Wall, a "mulatto" woman, on Chesterfield estate in Vere in in 1817. Richard Benjamin Thornley, aged 84 years, "small settler", died in Kingston in 1896, his age at death corresponding to the slave register entries for Richard Thornley, age 5 in 1817.


See slave register entries for JA21819.

As executor of Robert Roach in 1817 - T71/51 p. 241; in 1820 - T71/52 p. 85.

Baptisms of children -, Jamaica Church of England Parish Register Transcripts, 1664-1880 [database online].

Richard Thornley junior in the 1817 slave register: T71/51 p. 157.

We are grateful to Anne Thornley-Brown for her assistance with compiling this entry.

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