David Elliot merchant of Glasgow

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Glasgow merchant and slave-owner in Demerara, later in London, and apparently in financial difficulty from 1783. No death-date has been found for him to date.

  1. A meeting of the creditors of David Elliot merchant in Glasgow was called in September 1783. He was conceivably also the David Elliot of Cushion Court, Broad Street, bankrupt in 1797.

  2. Administration of the will of David Elliot merchant of Glasgow but late of the Minories [made in 1784] was granted 29/11/1802 to Robert Buchan a creditor. In the will he had left his Windsor Castle estate of 500 acres on the sea coast of the River Demerary and his share of the Glasgow estate also of 500 acres on the West side of the River Demerary, and the money owed him by his brother William Elliot of Guiana [sic], in trust to meet his marriage settlement and then for his eldest son Alexander and daughters Susanna and Marion.


  1. London Gazette 12479 27/09/1783 p. 2; London Gazette 14019 13/06/1797 p. 564.

  2. PROB 11/1383/282.

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Susanna Bogle

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1784 [EA] - 1784 [LA] → Owner

Probably but not certainly the same estate as Windsor Forest in the will of David Elliot made 1784.