Rev. Thomas Davidson formerly Randall

???? - 1827


Minister at the Tollbooth Church in Edinburgh. He was party to a deed of 1804 concerning the Providence estate on Tobago in an unknown capacity.

  1. This gentleman's own name was Randall, Davidson having been assumed by him on his accession to his uncle's property of Muirhouse, situated in the parish of Cramond, and shire of Edinburgh. He was the son of the Rev. Thomas Randall, minister of Inchture, (afterwards one of the ministers of Stirling,) whose father and grandfather were also clergymen of the Church of Scotland.....Dr. Davidson was twice married. By his first wife, a sister of the late Provost Anderson, bookseller in Stirling, among other children, he had a son, Captain William Davidson, who succeeded him in his estates. By his second wife, a sister of Lord Cockburn, he had several children.


Kay's Edinburgh Portraits, [accessed 20/07/2020].

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(1) _____Anderson (2) _____Cockburn

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Party to a deed of 1804 conveying the plantation [and the enslaved people attached to it], in an unknown capacity.