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Scottish Writer to the Signet, awarded the compensation with others as trustees of Elizabeth Robertson, daughter of Charles Wightman (and wife of John Argyll Robertson, q.v.) for Lambeau's and Craighall, and part of the compensation, in the same capacity, for Concordia, all on Tobago.

  1. Will of Charles Wightman of Eyemouth Berwickshire proved 18/05/1831.


T71/891 Tobago no. 24 (Lambeau's). Counterclaim by Elizabeth Wightman and Alexander Robertson among others as trustees of Elizabeth Robertson, only daughter and heir at law of Charles Wightman, mortgagees and judgement creditors for £2239 17s 71/2d. T71/891 Tobago no. 70 (Craighall); T71/891 Tobago no. 46 (Concordia) claim by Eliz Wightman and others (trustees apptd by Eliz Robertson daughter and heir of Charles Wightman decd) and Eliz Robertson. Eliz Wightman of 50 North Castle Edinburgh [Scotland],widow of Charles Wightman, counterclaimed in own right for annuity of £300 arrears of £799, and for jointure £300 p.a. plus £5000 under will of Charles Wightman. Elizabeth Wightman died, and her executors revived her own claim in their names. T71/891 Tobago claim no. 274 (Lambeau).

  1. PROB 11/1786.

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£448 6s 4d
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£976 3s 7d
£62 6s 11d
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£1,706 10s 1d
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Edinburgh, Midlothian (Edinburgh), Central Scotland, Scotland