Thomas Hercey Barritt

Country house

Garbrand Hall, Ewell, Surrey

Ewell (Surrey)

Purchased 1st Jan 1795


Country house, purchased by Thomas Hercey Barritt in 1795 and renamed Garbrand Hall, apparently after his Jamaica estate. Barritt extended and modified the house and gardens, and built the Dog Gate, still extant. The house itself was demolished in 1962 and the outhouses built by Barritt known as The Turrets were demolished in 1969.

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Details of modifications

"Thomas Hercey Barritt enlarged the house, including the addition of conservatories on each side. He also increased the size of the gardens and erected outbuildings in the form of stables, a brew house and a dairy, later known as 'The Turrets' reflecting its crenellated appearance. Barritt was also responsible for building the imposing gateway which can still be seen at the junction of High Street and Spring Street in Ewell. This is colloquially called the 'Dog Gate'; a reference to the Talbot hound which stands on top of the gate. It is sometimes claimed that the dog's tail was damaged many years ago and replaced with a cow's horn supplied by a local butcher but this has not been substantiated. The gateway carried a coat of arms incorporating the arms of the Barritt and Garbrand families. The Garbrands, who also held land in Jamaica, had inter-married with the Barritts and to reflect the family connection the Ewell property came to be called Garbrand Hall. At about the same time a high brick wall was built around the estate together with the arched bridge, which can still be seen at the edge of the horse pond opposite the Spring Hotel. Parts of the original wall can still be seen, including the curved recess that was incorporated to allow a neighbour to turn his horses and gain access to his driveway."

From The Epsom and Ewell History Explorer, [accessed 30/04/2015].

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