Hon. Abraham Hodgson

Country house

Bolesworth Castle

Tattenhall (Cheshire)


According to his will made in 1833 Abraham Hodgson in order to provide for his two daughters had invested £20,000 on mortgage to George Walmsley secured on Bolesworth Castle and on £20,000 in 5 life assurance policies on Walmsley's life. Walmsley had Bolesworth Castle built (on the site of an earlier house) by William Cole between 1826 and c. 1831: he was obliged to sell it in the mid-1830s. Hodgson's mortgage was presumably facilitating finance or refinance in the building of Bolesworth. The current website for Bolesworth makes no mention of Walmsley's role as the builder of the Castle, focusing instead on the period of Barbour family ownership, https://bolesworth.com/heritage-history/.


There seems no authoritative account of George Walmsley and the building of Bolesworth Castle.

Further Information

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