Andrew Arcedeckne

MP (Whig / West India interest)


Aligned with the Suffolk Whigs at the county meeting of 16 Mar. 1821, which petitioned for reform and measures to combat distress. But support for reform tempered by sympathy for the West Indian planters, based on his confidence that the Arcedeckne slaves were well treated and fear of the damaging consequences of sudden emancipation. (Address to Yeomanry of Suff. (Ipswich, 1821); The Times, 23 Feb. 1821.)

Arcedeckne: lax attender; made no major Commons speeches.

1827: voted for Catholic relief and Emancipation, 1829

1830: voted for Grey’s Reform Bill, November 1830.

His ‘friends’ canvassed the Whig aristocracy with a view to returning him for the proposed East Suffolk constituency 1831; but his position as a West India proprietor was expected to count strongly against him.

Arcedeckne prominent county figure in the 1830s (e.g. in East Suffolk Agricultural Society) but his support for free trade and his engagement with slavery weakened his standing.

Fisher (ed.), House of Commons 1820-1832, vol. IV.

Elections / Constituences

Dunwich Suffolk
1826 - 1831