John Plummer

MP (Tory)


Generally supporter of Liverpool government; "his parliamentary activities were, indeed, largely concerned with the protection of his mercantile affairs." An active member of the WI Planters’ and Merchants’ Committee in 1820s and opposed to abolition; but recognised by 1825 that emancipation may well come about. However, it would only be just if it were done on the ‘principle of adequate and simultaneous compensation’. Opposed to entry of sugar from Mauritius on same terms as WI sugar: spoke against the Mauritius trade bill, June 1825 (& teller for the minority in favour of the wrecking amendment).

Voted for Catholic relief, 28 February 1821 and did so again April-May 1825.

Source: Fisher (ed.), House of Commons 1820-1832, vol. 6.

Elections / Constituences

Hindon Wiltshire
1820 - 1826 

Parliamentary Notes