Sir Alexander Cray Grant 8th Bart.

MP (Conservative / West India interest)


Served as chairman of committees of the whole house in the parliaments of 1826 and 1830, 'but his attachment to the West Indies interest in parliament may have hindered further advance.'

A leading figure in the Tory party. Member of the Carlton Club, close associate of Sir Robert Peel.

1834: appointed to the Indian Board of Control.

1843-1854: a commissioner for public accounts, with annual salary of £1200.

Oxford DNB (John C. Appleby)

Elections / Constituences

Tregony Cornwall
1812 - 1818 
Lostwithiel Cornwall
1818 - 1826 
Aldborough Yorkshire
1826 - 1830 
Westbury Wiltshire
1830 - 1831 
Cambridge Cambridgeshire
1840 - 1843