Sir Francis Ford 1st Bart.

MP (Pittite / West India interest)


1790: Ford canvassed Evesham but did not go to poll. 1791: acquired property in Surrey. 1793: through his wife's family got an opening in Newcastle-under-Lyme: he was the nominee of the 1st Marquess of Stafford. Election cost him £2,000 but he got a baronetcy. (And soon after sold the Surrey property.)
His parliamentary career was undistinguished: spoke only three times, 2 of which were on "procrastinating the abolition of the slave trade", 18 March and 14 May 1793. He did not vote on the abolition of the slave trade question, 15 March 1796. Did not seek re-election in 1796. Though can be classified as Pittite clearly not strongly so.

Note that Ford was mainly based in Barbados.


R. G. Thorne, entry in The History of Parliament online.

Elections / Constituences

Newcastle-under-Lyme Staffordshire
1793 - 1796